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Creatures of Routine

The Sweet Revenge Story

Almost twenty odd years ago, The Sweet Revenge would have felt right at home in the thick of the Bay Area punk scene. Embarking on bare bones tours across the left coast, sleeping on floorboards, and packing venues and old houses with screaming, sweating crowds of questionably hygiened youth; their songs would have imparted a feeling of excitement and unity to the frustrated and angst ridden masses. Of course, twenty odd years ago they would have been in elementary school, kind of making the couch surfing and illegal house shows a little creepy. But, lucky you, here they are! A decade or two late and more than a few dollars short, TSR has made it their mission to replant the seeds of solidarity, and once more start a fire in the guts of the underground.

In 2004, The Sweet Revenge stepped into the house of Bart Thurber a.k.a. The House Of Faith in Oakland, CA, to record their first album, Sleeping Cities - EP. With the tracks done being laid, the tapes were sent on a road trip to Alex Newport for mixing at his studio in Los Angeles, CA. Later that year, the band shot a music video for the song "Washed Out" in downtown San Francisco with the help of Dan Fraga and crew.

In 2009, they recorded their first full length album titled "Creatures Of Routine". Tracked by Joe Clements at The Compound in Ben Lomond, CA, then, once again mixed by Alex Newport who had since moved to Brooklyn, NY. They had tons of fun making it and couldn't have been more proud!

After the release of the album, a few tours and many shows, The Sweet Revenge succumbed to the hollow fate many bands have... The departure of members. Many attempts were made to prolong the life of the band, but sadly all for naught.
The Sweet Revenge was laid to rest January 2013.

Please feel free to download a copy of the full length album "Creatures of Routine" at Death To False Hope Records and let the music live on!

Thanks for the love and support over the years!



The Sweet Revenge Discogrophy

Sleeping Cities - EP Sleeping Cities

The first album recorded by The Sweet Revenge. Sleeping Cities is a 4 song EP with an enhanced video for the song "Washed Out". If you own a copy of this CD, consider yourself lucky since there were only a small batch made. There are no more copies in the band merch box. (Yes, the merch box still exists!)

Creatures of Routine Creatures of Routine

Creatures of Routine was the only full length album recorded by The Sweet Revenge. 10 tracks of fun loving melodic punk rock. This album is available for download at Death To False Hope Records. If you perfer a physical copy of Creatures of Routine, message a band member if you would like a CD and a Poster. Supplies are limited.

Please Don't Hang Out in Front of the House Vol. 1 Please Don't Hang Out in Front of the House Vol. 1

A compilation album put together by Aaron Attica featuring a short guitar and vocal track by The Sweet Revenge, Ptolemy's Ghost, along with 20 other bands. Celebrating the glory of underground house shows, this album can be downloaded for free @Please Don't Hang Out In Front Of The House!


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